Birmingham Heart Clinic Earns CT and Nuclear Accreditations

Birmingham Heart Clinic Earns CT and Nuclear Accreditations

Birmingham Heart Clinic (BHC) has been granted a three-year term of accreditation in both nuclear cardiology and computed tomography (CT) by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). These accreditations acknowledge BHC’s commitment to high-quality patient care and quality diagnostic testing.


IAC accreditation is a “seal of approval” that patients can rely on as an indication that the facility has been carefully critiqued on all aspects of its operations considered relevant by medical experts.


To earn this accreditation, BHC underwent rigorous examinations of operational and technical components by a panel of experts. The skill of the technologist performing the examination, the type of equipment used, the background and knowledge of the interpreting physician, and quality assurance measures are all critical to ensuring quality patient studies. The IAC only grants accreditation to facilities that are found to be providing quality patient care in compliance with national standards through a comprehensive application process and detailed case study review.


The first accreditation is in nuclear cardiology which refers to testing that assesses cardiac function and blood flow to the heart muscle. By using nuclear procedures, physicians are able to detect the early presence of cardiovascular disease and may also discover important information regarding the potential occurrence of future heart attacks. The second accreditation is in computed tomography, which includes tests such as coronary calcium scoring and coronary or vascular CT angiography. These tests produce special x-ray images allowing physicians to view three-dimensional images of the heart and vessels.


If you are concerned about your risk of cardiovascular disease, call 205-856-2284 to schedule an appointment at any BHC location.

Birmingham Heart Clinic (BHC) is a cardiology practice specializing in the detection, management and treatment of adult coronary, peripheral (PAD) and carotid diseases. BHC is committed to providing patients with high quality, compassionate health care. Our physicians and staff accomplish this by putting the patient first. We utilize optimal diagnostic equipment, procedures and techniques, while working closely with primary care physicians to make informed decisions about patient care. For more information about BHC, call 205-856-2284 or visit

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