ChronicCareIQ: A New Way for Patients to Monitor Their Health

ChronicCareIQ: A New Way for Patients to Monitor Their Health

ChronicCareIQ: A New Way for Patients to Monitor Their Health

By: Dr. Brian Flowers
Cardiologist at Birmingham Heart Clinic

Birmingham Heart Clinic is now providing a new tool to allow patients to monitor their own health. This FREE app, called ChronicCareIQ, converts a patient’s smartphone into a powerful monitoring device which can effectively and conveniently communicate with health professionals at BHC. By simply answering a few simple questions on their phone each day, patients will provide key information that we need to keep them well. The app also has an alarm that beeps as a reminder for patients when it is time to answer questions. It takes no more than a minute and is valuable in their continued wellness.

Benefits of the app include:

  • Improved and more efficient communication with your health professional
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Easy-to-use alarm
  • Track and monitor your health wherever you are

To use this new service, patients should contact one of our convenient BHC locations to see if they qualify. A patient should have two or more chronic conditions to utilize this app. Also, please know that the app does require patients to pay copays as well as fill out a consent form. Contact BHC if you or your patients have any questions about this new service.

ChronicCareIQ is dedicated to providing doctors, hospitals and patients with solutions that ease the transition of care upon discharge from the hospital, reduce re-admission rates, improve outcomes and accelerate and maintain the patient’s stabilization at home. ChronicCareIQ’s leadership team has decades of experience making healthcare technology that delivers concrete and measurable results.

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