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Coumadin Clinic

In our Coumadin clinic we closely monitor patients requiring this medication which keeps blood from clotting. Coumadin management incorporates frequent blood checks and changes of the dose of medication, if necessary.

Once Coumadin is prescribed, it will be very important to regularly check the medication’s effect on your blood’s clotting tendency. In Birmingham Heart Clinic’s Coumadin Clinic, experienced lab and clinical personnel will carefully tailor your medication dosage based on a physician supervised and monitored program, while offering counseling and education about your medical condition. International Normalized Ratio* (INR) measurements will be obtained using a fast and simple finger-stick method. Results are immediate, and any change of Coumadin dosage is made on the spot. Data from each visit including INR, patient assessment and regimen changes are communicated to your physician and/or referring physician in a timely manner.

Outpatient Anticoagulation Programs have been shown to provide more precise control of blood-thinning. When enrolled, patients can expect improved outcomes, with fewer problems from either inadequate or excessive anticoagulation.