“For the past ten years, I have eaten well, exercised regularly, and not smoked cigarettes. After taking a break for hunting season, I returned to my exercise routine but could not get my walking pace back to where it had been (15-minute mile) prior to hunting season. I listened to my body and knew I just wasn’t feeling as good as I should. In February, I went to a heart day at a local hospital thinking that something might show up, but it didn’t and I passed with flying colors! I hit the old walking trails and treadmills once again, thinking it was just that I was out of shape. After a couple of weeks, my pace was still off (18-minute mile) and not getting any better.”

At that point, I remembered hearing that Rick and Bubba had a cardiac calcium scan last year at Birmingham Heart Clinic. I checked out BHC’s website and called to make an appointment. On April 10, I scored over 2,400 on the cardiac calcium score. My blockages turned out to be 70, 80, 90, and even 100 percent. On April 22, I had open heart surgery – five bypasses. If these procedures had not been done, I do not know if I would still be alive today. According to my cardiologist, I was a “walking time bomb.”

The heart scan provided me with information that other heart screenings did not. I encourage everyone to consider having the cardiac calcium score done, regardless of your activity level, age or healthy lifestyle. The scan is completely painless and non-invasive, and the cost is minimal. Being proactive about your heart health can save your life; it certainly saved mine. Thank you to all the super-friendly staff and physicians at the Birmingham Heart Clinic! Keep up the great work. IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR PATIENTS’ LIVES!

“I have seen my doctor at BHC for many, many years and I respect him and his opinion. I have never had a bad experience with any doctors in this practice.”
“The office is run very efficiently. Other practices should take advice from BHC in order to improve. I have always had a great overall experience. Everyone seems to really care!”
“I have complete confidence in the staff and I feel well taken care of.”
“This office is very well run, everyone pleasant. I couldn’t ask for better treatment.”
“BHC provides the best of care in all of their offices.”
“All of my questions were answered and I was given good instructions about my medications and procedure. Everyone was very helpful and professional.”